Congratulations! SEYI’s SLG series wins 2016 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award

SEYI Machinery’s Straight Side Mechanical Press (Link Motion)-SLG Series stood out amongst 523 Taiwan Excellence products to receive the Silver Awards, and became one of Taiwan’s shining achievements in 2016. The Taiwan Excellence Awards have become an annual event where manufacturers eagerly compete and self-evaluate for the honor of being selected. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council states that to receive an award, products must comply with international standards, and pass a rigorous evaluation process, proving that Taiwan’s enterprises in the past have focused on product development, and price wars. Through ceaselessly striving for excellence, we have improved to place great emphasis on user experience, innovative value and service, and pursuing that which is the essence of an international brand.

Each year, SEYI continues to strive for excellence and innovation in the development, design, quality, and sale of our products, and have received the approval and special honor to win Gold Excellence Awards, Silver Excellence Awards, and Excellence Awards for many years running. In the future, we will continue to create innovative and high-quality products, as well as provide the best production solutions and service possible to our clients.



▲Vice minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Rongjin Shen presenting the trophy for the Taiwan Excellence Silver Award

▲SEYI Machinery’s Straight Side Mechanical Press (Link Motion)- The SLG is suitable for forming automotive metal plates and it applies a link motion crank-shaft transmission mechanism with a main gear, enabling it to touch flexibly when pressing, reducing vibration, noise, and heat, and extending the life of the piercing tool. With a low energy cost design, it reduces energy consumption by more than 20%.